Living Room Interiors

Ross mccafferty arada02
Ross mccafferty arada03
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Ross mccafferty arada01

This is a selection of interior design renders I created several years ago while work with a stove manufacturer called Arada. These particular shots were used in printed brochures and on their online store page.

I was provided with CAD files of the stoves and a few example photographs of the style required. After converting the stove files to a usable polygonal mesh, I began fleshing out a rough layout and camera angle before liaising with the team on my initial design. Once feedback was received, I would then spend the next week finishing off the scene, adding or creating new materials where necessary, then lighting and producing final renders.

Many of the small props were sourced online due to time constraints. Most of my time was spent modelling the larger surrounding features of the house, creating materials and fine-tuning the lighting as I went.

All work was carried out in Blender, from modelling and sculpting to material creation, lighting and final render pass.